Cube World Hamachi

A lot of people ask us how to get Cube World multiplayer working. Here’s full tutorial for Windows how to play with friends.

You’ll need:
-some patience,
-Internet connection ;)

1. Download Hamachi from here (unmanaged version)
2. Install it and run it
3. You’ll see a window like this one:

Cube World Hamachi

4. Now click Network -> Create new network and enter the network name and password.
5. Now let your friend join the network by Network -> Join
6. Run Cube World
7. If you’re host, click “Create the game”. The session will be created. When you’re in game, tell your friend that he can click “Join the game”.
8. You’ll be automatically connected.

That’s it! Have fun, enjoy the game, nothing more is needed!

Any questions? Use the feedback page or comment here.

Free download Cube World ->click

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